General Information About Bicton

Located approx. 15 kilometres from Perth and bordering the Swan River, Bicton was originally settled in the 1830’s  when a large vineyard was established. Bicton is currently one of the most affluent suburbs south of the Swan River. 


General Information

  • Population (approx.): 6,000
  • Geo coordinates: 32.029°S, 115.783°E
  • Postcodes: 6157
  • LGA: City of Melville
  • Federal Division: Fremantle
picture of boats Mosman Park

General Dental Services

  • TMJ Treatment. TMJ (also known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) develops in the joint of the jaw where the upper and lower jaws come together. Sometimes this produces headaches and jaw aches. Your teeth, jaw joints, head and neck muscles and head posture are all connected, so a problem in one area can affect the other areas.
  • White fillings are much preferred today over the the gray / silver amalgam type. Many of our patients who have a cavity have a choice if they want to show people a mouth full of dark metal fillings or keep their smile bright and with white tooth-colored fillings.
  • Root canals (endodontic treatment) is one solution to fix a tooth that is badly decayed. It saves a severely injured, cracked, or decayed tooth when the soft inner tissue inside a tooth’s root canal becomes inflamed or infected. Treatment is recommended promptly to avoid further pain or a tooth abscess (infection).
  • Teeth Extraction and Wisdom Teeth Removal. They, they often cause overcrowding problems in adolescents and adults alike.  What happens is your wisdom teeth often become encased in gum or bone tissue, which causes some pain and pressure. Infection may occur, which may damage the jaw bone and adjacent teeth.


Cosmetic Dentist Near Me

  • Invisalign, the invisible braces alternative to traditional metal braces straightens wonky teeth and closes gaps. Invisalign is a popular choice for people looking for an Invisalign dentist in Perth. It is one of the most innovative and affordable orthodontic treatment available for both adults and teenagers. This clear aligner technology gives great results similar to traditional braces but without the pain and awkwardness that go along with them.
  • Our teeth whitening service makes your teeth several shades lighter in one visit.  Bright white teeth appear attractive and vibrant, but not everyone has naturally white teeth. Age and diet can cause your teeth to dull. With a variety of techniques at Smile Design Studio, you can restore that dazzling smile.
  • Smile makeovers. Get that awesome smile you’ve always desired.
  • Dental implants are natural looking permanent replacement teeth if you have one or more missing or decaying teeth. A dental implant is perhaps the most effective, strongest, and longest lasting solution available.
  • Crowns (tooth caps) to restore a decayed tooth. They protect the underlying tooth from further damage and can also be used to brighten your smile.
  • Porcelain veneers are a fantastic option to restore broken, chipped or teeth. They can also give you a brilliant smile if traditional teeth whitening fails to get you that brightness you want. People who have had tetracycline as a child sometimes don’t get great results with teeth bleaching, so they often turn to porcelain veneers for that dazzling smile.

Places to See in Bicton

  • The Bicton foreshore is a grass area with a jetty that is a popular place for swimming, fishing and other water based activities.
  • The naval base HMAS Leeuwin (near Locke Crescent and Munro Street) was commissioned in 1940 as a naval depot and later used as a training facility.
  • The Blackwall Reach (Western Australia) (near Honour Avenue and Caroll Drive) is a piece of the Swan River.
  • The East Fremantle Oval (near Moss Street and Tondarup Way) is an Australian rules football ground.
  • East Fremantle Football Club Hall of Fame (near Moss Street and Speedy Cheval Street).


Nearby Neighbourhoods

  • East Fremantle is 1 km to the south-west.
  • Palmyra is 1 km to the south.
  • Attadale is 1 km to the east.
  • Mosman Park is 3 km to the north-west.
  • Booragoon is 4 km to the east.
  • Applecross is 4 km to the east.
  • Kardinya is 5 km to the south-east.
  • Winthrop is 5 km to the south-east.
  • Claremont is 5 km to the north.
  • Mount Pleasant is 6 km to the east.
  • Bibra Lake is 8 km to the south-east.
  • Spearwood is 8 km to the south.
  • Como is 8 km to the north-east.
  • South Perth is 9 km to the north-east.
  • Subiaco is 9 km to the north-east.
  • Willetton is 10 km to the east.
  • Perth is 15km to the north-east

Major Roads

  • Canning Highway
  • Petra Street is to the west of town
  • Stock Rd is on the eastern side of town


Neighbourhood Schools

  • Iona Presentation College, Perth
  • Melville Senior High School
  • John Curtin College of the Arts
  • Fremantle Grammar School
  • Christian Brothers College, Fremantle
  • South Fremantle Senior High School


Nearby Rivers & Lakes

  • Swan River is to the south
  • Lake Monger
  • Jualbup Lake
  • The Indian Ocean is just a few kms to the west
  • Perth Wetlands
  • Herdsman Lake


Nearby Railway Stations

  • North Fremantle railway station
  • Victoria Street railway station, Perth
  • Mosman Park railway station
  • Cottesloe railway station
  • Fremantle railway station


Directions to the Dentist Office

  1. From Bicton, head south on Bristol Ave.
  2. Turn right on Canning Hwy / State Road 6.
  3. Turn right onto Stirling Hwy/State Route, drive approx 4km north, driving over a bridge that crosses the Swan River. The dental clinic will be on the right just past the Mosman Park tram stop.
By Zigzig20s – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,