I Don’t Like The Shape Of My Teeth

You don’t have to live with the teeth you were born with. Now with modern dentistry techniques and materials we can help you design and create a smile that fits your character, personality, proportions and reflect the you that you want to be.

Here are some cases of patients who had the shape of their teeth changed:

What are my options for treatment?

We would need to assess you for your exact needs, but generally, there are three options.

  1. Enameloplasty— general reshaping of the teeth. Not advisable for gross adjustments of shape, but only for minor smoothing.
  2. Composite bonding— this can be done with addition of a composite resin material and can change the shape of teeth. This is an economical option but on the free edges of teeth are more prone to wear and chipping as it is a weaker material than your enamel or porcelain.
  3. Porcelain Veneers — Porcelain veneers can be done to whatever shape you desire and size and can change the alignment, proportions and colour of the teeth as well. These are a great option for those whose teeth are misshapened, discoloured, worn, or misaligned, and want a long term solution.

How long does treatment take?

  1. Enameloplasty— a few minutes depending on what needs to be done
  2. Composite bonding — done in 1 visit on the day, again time depends on the individualcase
  3. Porcelain Veneers — Start to finish about 4-6 weeks, 2 visits of treatment but smiledesign, and mock ups are done prior to treatment.

SuzyDoes the treatment hurt?

There are varying levels of discomfort expected with different procedures, depending on what is needed. Generally these above treatments are fairly uninvasive so discomfort is minimal.

We do our utmost to make sure you are comfortable through all treatment, but ensuring that you are completely numb, and stopping at any time you have any concerns.

For those who are scared of the treatment or don’t want to sit through lengthy treatments, you can choose to be sedated, so that you can enjoy the entire experience and wake up and it’s all done!

How long does it last?

  1. Enameloplasty—once done it is permanent, unless you wear the teeth down or chip them again.
  2. Composite bonding—depends where the restoration is placed and how large it is there will be a level of discolouration over time as well as wear and deterioration. Longevity varies greatly, generally you can get a few years
  3. Porcelain veneers—on average,15 years+

Generally with all treatment it depends on how you care for your teeth, oral hygiene, and functional stress come into consideration. If the teeth were misshapened due to misuse, or teeth grinding, then if these functional stresses still exist, they could break down the new restorations too. With all our treatment we not only rectify the problems but we also pay attention to eliminate the causes so that the treatment is long lasting

How much does it cost?

Each case varies in complexity, in the number of teeth that need to be treated, and each case is individually designed to suit the needs of the individual.

After our thorough diagnosis, we can give you an accurate and prompt quote on treatment that is specifically designed to suit you.

Can I see the results of others who have had this problem fixed?

Here are some of our happy clients to whom we are grateful to for allowing us to share their results and educate others on the possibilities.





What is my next step?

So that we can best help you it’s important that you come in for a personalised consult and diagnosis with Dr Vicky Ho. Alternatively, you can also choose a complimentary discussion where you can meet our team, and learn about which options are available to you. Call us now on 94683322 to arrange your appointment.

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