I Do Not Want Dentures

One of the biggest fears people have about losing their own teeth is the thought of having to put their teeth in a glass of water every night. The embarrassment of having loose fitting dentures and sunken in faces, is what causes great distress to our clients. The good news, is that dental technology has advanced so far now that you never need to have dentures again, even if you have to lose all of your teeth. People can now transition from their own broken down dentition to a full new set of fixed, teeth in just a few days.

What are the main benefits of dental implants?

  1. Preservation of bone – I am sure you have seen people with no teeth have sunken in faces. When teeth are not present and the bone is not in function it shrinks away and takes away all support of the the face. By replacing teeth with dental implants, we can preserve the bone and the support of the facial structures.
  2. Fixed and permanent replacement of teeth – which will give maximum comfort and function like a 3rd set of real teeth.

Below are some videos on how we have replaced failing dentitions with a full new set of fixed teeth:

What are my options for treatment for missing teeth besides dentures?

We would need to assess you for your exact needs, but generally, there are two options.

  1. Bridges – we place caps over the neighbouring teeth and can change the size, alignment, appearance, shape, and proportion of the teeth and replace all the ones missing in between. They are fixed and long term option and rely on good strong teeth on either side to support it. They do not need to be removed and are permanent.
  2. Implants – these are titanium screws that are secured in the remaining jawbone to support teeth. They are the closest thing to replacing your natural tooth. They are fixed and permanent.

How long does treatment take?

  1. Bridges – From start to finish generally 2-3 weeks
  2. Implants—these depend on the foundations we have to start with, like bone quantity, quality and the site. The key to implant loading is the stability that we can get at time of placement of the implant. Some can be loaded immediately, where those that may require bone grafting may take 6 months before loading can occur. So it depends. Generally for most it takes about 8-12 weeks.

Does the treatment hurt?

There are varying levels of discomfort expected with different procedures, depending on what is needed. Whilst we cannot guarantee 100% pain free experience, we do our utmost to make sure you are comfortable through all treatment, but ensuring that you are completely numb, and stopping at any time you have any concerns.

For those who are scared of the treatment or don’t want to sit through lengthy treatments, you can choose to be sedated, so that you can enjoy the entire experience and wake up and it’s all done!

How long does it last?

  1. Bridges — how these last depend greatly on how they are looked after once they are in. What ever can wear a tooth down, or break a tooth, can wear or break a porcelain veneer or crown. Proper oral hygiene and maintenance must be carried out. They generally last 15-20 years, following good home care maintenance. All our porcelain work is guaranteed for 5 years. We will assess and treat all risk factors so that you will be able to enjoy your new smile for many years to come.
  2. Implants — they can last for a life time when integrated into the bone. They are like replacing your tooth. Things that can cause loss of implant are similar things to what breaks or caused loss of your original tooth, e.g. gum disease, or grinding and clenching, poor oral hygiene. These are all factors that affect the longevity and we will show you the best way to maintain your investment for the rest of your life. The crowns on the top of implants may need to be renewed every 15-20 years. All on 4 acrylic bridges will need to be replaced in about 7 years.

How much does it cost?

Each case varies in complexity, in the number of teeth that need to be treated, and each case is individually designed to suit the needs of the individual.

After our thorough diagnosis, we can give you an accurate and prompt quote on treatment that is specifically designed to suit you.

Can I see the results of others who have had this problem fixed?

Here are some of our happy clients to whom we are grateful to for allowing us to share their results and educate others on the possibilities.






What is my next step?

So that we can best help you it’s important that you come in for a personalised consult and diagnosis with Dr Vicky Ho. Alternatively, you can also choose a complimentary discussion where you can meet our team, and learn about which options are available to you. Call us now on 94683322 to arrange your appointment.

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