Faster Orthodontic Results with Damon Braces

Faster Orthodontic Results with Damon Braces

There are many choices in orthodontic treatment. Some people get the traditional brackets and metal wires braces. Others go for a clear, wire-free look (such as Invisalign) because they are almost invisible. Depending on the severity of misalignment, it can take a long time to move teeth into a healthy position.

Damon Braces use a technology similar to traditional braces but with a few extra benefits. We are able to takes one’s overall appearance into account. Dr Eric Wang of who has been trained to perform orthodontic treatment with Damon Braces can predict how teeth will move as a person ages and create an alignment that is healthy for a lifetime. Also, Damon braces may move teeth faster, allowing our patients to quickly improve their smile and move on with their lives.

How Can Damon Braces Move Teeth Faster?

Damon braces have benefits which make them both faster and superior to other types of orthodontic treatment. The brackets are referred to as “self-ligating”, which means they hold themselves in place without steel ties and elastics. The brackets are smoother and less likely to cause damage to the teeth and inside your mouth as they gently move teeth into a more attractive and healthier alignment.

In turn, this causes less inflammation and soreness. The treatment can often be accomplished with less appointments. The smoother brackets also make it easier to care for your teeth.

Your Teeth Can Make You Look Younger

One benefit of Damon braces is that Dr Wang knows how to use braces to create a smile that will look great over a lifetime. Many of our patients who have had Damon braces report the following benefits:

  •  A wider and fuller smile that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family.
  •  More facial balance and symmetry.
  •  Fuller and smoother cheeks.
  •  No underbite or overbite.

These changes may seem insignificant, but they help a person look younger, more vibrant and healthy. Many people who get Damon braces report an increase in confidence and more satisfaction with their appearance.

Straightening your teeth is not only done for cosmetic reasons, it’s also sometimes necessary to correct bite issues which can affect your long-term oral health. If you’re concerned about your teeth function or alignment, call our friendly staff at Smile Design Studio and we’ll show you several options to reach your perfect smile.