Renowned Australia Cosmetic Dentist Shares Her Guide to Happiness

Renowned Australia Cosmetic Dentist Shares Her Guide to Happiness

Perth Dentist Shares Her Simple Guide to Happiness With A Single Sentence: SMILE All The Time!

This is simply what we observe on our patients on a daily basis. They tell us since they have their smile done they cannot help but feel happier inside because they are simply smiling all the time.

  • They smile at themselves when passing any mirror.
  • They smile at other people on the street.
  • They smile at themselves in the rear view mirror while driving (we do not recommend this)
  • They laugh openly in public now
  • Because they smile so much, others smile back at them.
  • They smile through their eyes.

As top life coach Tony Robbins says, to change one’s emotional state, we need to change 3 things:

1. Our Physiology
2. What we focus on
3. Our language.

Here Is A Case Study  Of A Person Who Is Embarrassed By Their Smile All The Time

1. Physiology —Always closes mouth when talking or laughing. Trying to hide something all the time. Does not want come face to face with others. Shy, looks away. Lack of confidence. Head down, Tight lipped, reserved.
2. Focus —- Rather than being present they are worried about who will see their teeth. They are focused on trying to hide their smile while trying to laugh.
3. Language—-what do we tell ourselves when we are embarrassed all the time? “I hope they don’t see my teeth”, “I won’t laugh too wide”, “I only smile this way for photos”.

The Person Who Is Confident About Their Smile And Feels They Have Nothing To Hide

1. Physiology—-Smile and laugh however they feel, whenever they feel, instinctively, uninhibitedly. They smile openly, more frequently. They can laugh out loud in public without any reservations if they should feel that way.
2. Focus— they don’t focus on their smile, or at least, not on how they have to hide it, they can just be in the moment and not divert their focus on their insecurities.
3. Language –they don’t have that self-conversation about how to smile, what they have to hide, close their mouth in photos. They do not have to focus on hiding and being self-conscious.

What could a new smile do for your life?

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Dr Vicky Ho is among the leading dentists in the world in Cosmetic, implant and TMJ dentistry. She has received qualifications from around the world’s top institutions, including the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry, Occlusion connections with Dr. Clayton Chan, the world’s authority in TMJ dysfunction and Gneuromuscular dentistry, as well as finishing her masters clinician course with gIDE Implant Dentistry in Loma Linda University and UCLA in California. She strives to continually better herself every day in her skills and knowledge in a quest for constant and never ending improvement to be able to provide her patients with the best care possible with latest techniques, materials and technology.

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