Mail Order Orthodontics vs. Invisalign

Mail Order Orthodontics vs. Invisalign

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics have long been the ideal treatment for misaligned teeth, gaps, crossbites, overbites and more. In the past, traditional metal braces tightened with wires were the norm. Today, advancements in modern dentistry offer new, discreet and more comfortable ways to align your teeth and get you showing off that smile again in no time.

At Smile Design Studio, Dr Vicky Ho and her team of dental professionals help patients understand their options and what might be the most affordable, safe, fast and effective way to get them the results they desire.

One such option is the use of clear aligners, such as Invisalign. But with TV commercials and internet ads pushing ‘mail order’ orthodontics, many patients in the greater Perth, WA area are confused about whether or not these ‘mail order’ orthodontics are safe and effective?

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offer a discreet, comfortable, fast and reliable way to achieve similar or better results as compared to traditional metal braces. This orthodontic treatment involves the fabrication of a custom set of clear aligner trays that are virtually unnoticeable, and that can be removed when eating and drinking. 


When it comes to clear aligners, Invisalign reigns supreme, having successfully treated tens of millions of patients worldwide. From simple alignment to complex shifting of teeth into position, Invisalign clear aligners can often produce faster results than braces, at a similar price point, with results in as little as six months.

Mail Order Orthodontics

Mail in orthodontics offers the promise of flexibility and convenience, with no visit necessary to an orthodontist. However, this convenience comes at a potentially large price to the consumer.

The Downsides of Mail In Orthodontics Include:

Improper or Imprecise ‘At Home’ Measurements: The impression of your teeth taken at home (by you) is generally not as precise as that made in a professional orthodontic setting or when aided by computer-assisted imaging 

The Big Picture: Your teeth’s impression only tells part of the story about your teeth. Only an in-person examination can look for other issues that may worsen with the use of orthodontics, and identify other oral health concerns early on before they turn into serious complications.

Lack of Customisation: Regular checkups and routine monitoring is standard with orthodontic treatments, measuring and forecasting progress, allowing your dentist to make minor adjustments to your aligners over time to produce the best results. The same is not true with mail order orthodontics.

Get the Results You Deserve with Invisalign 

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