Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are thin wafers no thicker than your fingernail that a cosmetic dentist will bond to your tooth to give the tooth a whole new appearance. They can change the shape, colour, spacing, alignment, length, proportion or shape of your teeth. They are primarily bonded to enamel so that makes them a very conservative option for changing the smile. The porcelain is also non-porous so will not discolour with time. With Porcelain veneers, you can have the smile you want. The teeth can be re- shaped, and re-coloured with a great deal of artistic latitude. There are limitations to the material and we will share with you as far as your individual case is concerned, and choose the best option just for you. This is an example of fixing crooked teeth with veneers:

Getting your dream smile with Porcelain Veneers

Whilst the work on your teeth is done in only 2 treatment visits, there is a few steps prior to prepare for the main event, so that we can ensure you get the perfect result.

  1. Diagnosis and Smile design, and Mock Ups. We take time to understand you, how you feel about your smile, the personality you want to project, and how much you want to spend. We then will design a smile for you taking into consideration what we have learnt that you want and do a “mock-up” of your smile on models taken of your teeth. You can see what results are achievable before we start. We will take into account your facial features, complexion, face shape and proportions and lip lines. See Smile design.
  2. Gum Health. The first step is to give attention to the health of your gums. For quality workmanship, your gums need to be at their optimum state of health. This means that you have to have regular dental cleaning followed by good home care.
  3. Teeth whitening (optional). This is usually done on the teeth that are not going to be veneered so that we can match the veneers to your new whiter teeth shade so they blend beautifully. No one will ever know which teeth you had treated, and which you didn’t! Your veneers will never discolour so you may have to top up the whitening on your natural teeth from time to time to ensure a perfect match is maintained with your veneers.
  4. First Preparation appointment and Trial Smile
    • The teeth are prepared by removing the top layer of enamel to a maximum depth of about 0.7mm to allow space for the porcelain. We take an impression that is sent to the laboratory to create your veneers.
    • The models are sent to our laboratory which dedicates itself to producing high- quality works of art. Photographs and models will be sent to them to help them achieve an artistic result that will be customized to your personality and maximizes your facial attractiveness.
    • We place the mockups as a temporary for you so that you can get the instant “trial smile” to see if you like your new look. The mock ups had been done to as close the final shape and size as the finals are planned to be, so you can assess the look, feel and speech with them. At this stage, if you do not like anything in the trial smile temporaries, you can make the changes before the final teeth are made.
    • As the trial smile is only made with acrylic, they will not last for more than a few weeks (while your porcelain ones are being made) and they do not have the characterisation or shading variations that the porcelain ones will have, but they will give you a sense of what the final result will be like, except the final ones will be even better!
    • It allows us to make any necessary improvements or changes, and see how your new smile will fit your face and most importantly gives you a chance to see if you love it, and if not, we can make the changes before it is set in porcelain!
  5. Bonding of the Porcelain veneers.
    • Bonding appointment. Bonding involves an elaborate series of steps and materials to bond the veneer to your tooth.
    • This type of treatment is not fully taught in dental schools. Additionally, bonding technology keeps on changing with newer materials and techniques. This is another reason, to do this well, we dedicate ourselves to extensive education beyond our dental school training. The end result is a durable, beautiful restoration that acts as a part of your teeth.

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