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Emergency Dentist Applecross

Facing a sudden dental emergency can be stressful and painful. You need swift, reliable care that addresses your discomfort and resolves your dental issues promptly. At Smile Design Studio, we understand the urgency of dental emergencies and provide immediate, compassionate assistance to alleviate your pain and treat the problem effectively.

If you’re in Applecross and in need of urgent dental care, don’t wait in distress. Call Smile Design Studio at (08) 9468 3322 to schedule your emergency appointment right away. Your comfort and dental health are our immediate concerns.

Reliable Emergency Dentist in Applecross

Smile Design Studio is a reliable emergency dentist serving the residents of Nedlands, WA, and nearby areas.

When unexpected dental issues arise, we provide a range of dental treatment options tailored to our patients’ needs. Our dental practice team is committed to maintaining your oral health and can perform necessary surgical procedures with precision and care.

When it comes to dental emergencies, a timely response can be crucial. We ensure dental appointments are available to address urgent needs at our dental clinic to help you manage extensive tooth damage or disease. Our goal is to restore your healthy smile with quality services provided by our friendly team. If you’re experiencing severe pain or discomfort, don’t delay in seeking care.

We understand the importance of a dental plan that considers your individual concerns, and we take a gentle approach to all treatments.

For immediate attention to your dental emergencies, contact Smile Design Studio at (08) 9468 3322 and we’ll schedule your emergency appointment promptly.

Comprehensive Emergency Dental Services

Smile Design Studio provides prompt care for dental emergencies. Our team is ready to assist with a variety of urgent dental issues:

  • Toothache: Effective management and relief are the priority, providing dental procedure expertise for immediate comfort.
  • Chipped or Broken Tooth: Utilising digital technology, we repair damage to restore function and aesthetics.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth: Time-sensitive actions to save a permanent tooth may include dental implants or a dental bridge as solutions.
  • Abscessed Tooth: Our skilled team can quickly address infections, with options like root canal treatments to preserve oral health.
  • Lost Filling or Crown: We provide fast fixes to protect your tooth and prevent any further complications.
  • Broken Jaw, etc.: Immediate emergency treatment is available to manage severe injuries with the utmost care.
  • Gum Infection: We target the root cause of gum disease with tailored treatments to promote healing.
  • Bleeding Gums: We assess the severity and provide solutions to stop the bleeding and advise on preventative strategies.
  • Swollen Gums: Swift intervention is provided to reduce discomfort and address underlying issues.
  • Dry Socket: Alleviation of post-wisdom tooth removal complications are addressed with personal care.
  • Tooth Sensitivity: We offer a wide array of options to minimise pain and protect against temperature extremes.
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder: Customised therapies are available to relieve TMJ stress and restore function.

For concerns affecting your dental health, don’t hesitate. Contact Smile Design Studio at (08) 9468 3322 to secure an emergency appointment.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

In a dental emergency, quick and appropriate actions are crucial for the best outcome.

If you’re dealing with a broken tooth, gently clean the area with warm water and use a cold compress on your cheek to reduce swelling. A knocked-out tooth should be kept moist, preferably in a glass of milk, and brought to the dentist immediately.

Severe tooth pain often indicates a serious dental issue; mitigate discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers while you seek professional help. Should you experience uncontrollable bleeding or other alarming symptoms, contact a dentist immediately.

For rapid response and effective care for your dental emergencies, reach out to Smile Design Studio at (08) 9468 3322 and we’ll arrange your emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Your Financial Options for Emergency Dental Care

The cost of emergency dental care is manageable with Smile Design Studio’s financial options.

Smile Design Studio accepts multiple forms of digital payment, including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, all without any additional fees. Beyond immediate online payments, we partner with preferred providers like DentiCare, MediPay, and ZipMoney. These services, along with our in-house payment plans, allow you to distribute the cost over a period of time, making it easier to manage dental expenses.

For personalized assistance and to discuss the payment plan that suits you best, please reach out to Smile Design Studio at (08) 9468 3322, and we can set up your emergency appointment without financial worry.

Why Smile Design Studio is a Trusted Partner in Dental Emergencies

Smile Design Studio is trusted for dental emergencies because of our commitment to meticulous care in urgent situations.

Quick Response Times

Our office is prepared to respond promptly to emergency calls, minimizing the duration of your uncomfortable experience.

Experienced Dental Professionals

Our team’s extensive experience means that you receive the most effective treatment quickly and compassionately.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our facility features advanced dental technology, providing all-encompassing care without the need to go elsewhere.

Patient-Centered Approach

We prioritise your comfort and safety, providing clear communication and support throughout your treatment.

For dedicated emergency dental care, contact Smile Design Studio at (08) 9468 3322 to schedule your appointment and receive the urgent attention you deserve.

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

In the moments when you can’t afford to wait, Smile Design Studio is ready as your go-to emergency dentist in Applecross. We ensure that your dental crises are met with immediate, compassionate, and effective solutions..

Should a dental emergency arise, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to provide you with swift, reliable care that addresses your urgent needs.

Call Smile Design Studio now at (08) 9468 3322 to arrange for your emergency dental appointment. Your relief is our priority.

About Applecross, WA

Applecross, a suburb in Perth WA, is located on the southern banks of the Swan River, and is part of the City of Melville. Applecross was established in the 1890s, and its name was derived from a village in Scotland.

Key landmarks include the Applecross Jetty, Heathcote Reserve, and the Canning Bridge. Heathcote Reserve features a cultural precinct with a museum and art gallery. Applecross Village is the suburb’s commercial heart, with shops and cafes centered around Ardross Street.

The area boasts the Raffles Hotel and apartments, a local landmark since the 1930s. Another historic feature is the South of Perth Yacht Club, established in the 1940s. Applecross is also home to several schools, including Applecross Senior High School and St Benedict’s School.

The suburb offers recreational activities with several parks and green spaces, including Wireless Hill Park, known for its wildflowers and history as the site of a former radio station. Transportation is facilitated by the Canning Highway and the nearby Canning Bridge Train Station.

Neighbourhoods We Serve

  • Applecross

Points of Interest in Applecross WA

  • South of Perth Yacht Club 2 Canning Beach Rd, 6153
  • Goolugatup Heathcote Gallery Derbal Yerrigan Swan House, 58 Duncraig Rd, 6153
  • Applecross Jetty Fraser Rd, 6153
  • River Journeys: Heathcote Duncraig Rd, 6153
  • Perth Makers Market 58 Duncraig Rd, 6153
  • Applecross District Hall (Tivoli Theatre) 69 Canning Beach Rd, 6153
  • Waylen Bay Sea Scout Group The Strand, 6153

Parks in Applecross

  • Heathcote Reserve 58 Duncraig Rd, 6153
  • Jeff Joseph Reserve The Strand, 6153
  • Tompkins Park 642B Canning Highway, 6154
  • Gairloch Reserve 46 Gairloch St, 6153
  • Bill Bennett Park 50 Macleod Rd, 6153
  • Charles Eckert Reserve 15 Tuart St, 6153

Major Highways in Applecross

  • Canning Highway