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For residents in Nedlands, Smile Design Studio sets the gold standard for dental implants.

Offering minimally invasive, natural-looking implants, Smile Design Studio’s high-quality services redefine dental aesthetics and function.

We provide you with a radiant smile combining the power of state-of-the-art technology and our friendly team’s expertise.

With competitive rates and flexible financing, your dream smile is only a call away. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Vicky, the experienced dentist at Smile Design Studio, by contacting (08) 9468 3322 today.

Top Rated Dental Implants in Nedlands

Smile Design Studio offers top-of-the-line dental implants for residents in Nedlands and surrounding areas.

Dental implants provide a lasting solution for tooth loss, blending improved appearance with enhanced function. At Smile Design Studio, our practice is renowned for its meticulous approach to dental implant placement. Utilising advanced titanium implant technology and, if needed, bone grafting to ensure compatibility with the jaw bone structure, we ensure our dental patients receive the best in implant dentistry.

Our Nedlands dental practice prioritises both precision and patient comfort, offering management and relief for severe tooth pain during treatments, as well as speeding up the healing process with oral medicine. Positioned adjacent to healthy teeth, these implants offer people a transformative dental treatment experience.

Call Smile Design Studio at (08) 9468 3322 for a consultation appointment and discover the potential of preventative dentistry.

The Consequences of Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can lead to challenges like an altered smile, difficulties with certain foods, heightened dental concerns, changes in facial aesthetics, and issues related to partial dentures.

Such drawbacks impact both the oral and overall health of patients. Our approach at Smile Design Studio centers on addressing these challenges with the aim of providing the highest-quality oral health care.

Our dentist delivers tailored dental procedures, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Recognising the significance of these oral conditions is essential when considering restorative dentistry treatment plans.

Interested in our specialist treatment and dental health services? Call Smile Design Studio at (08) 9468 3322 for a free consultation appointment with our specialist dentist.

Transformative Benefits of Dental Implants

At Smile Design Studio in Nedlands, dental implants offer a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Rapid recovery time
  • Immediate tooth replacement
  • Long-lasting treatment outcomes
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Ability to enjoy all types of food with ease

Our Nedlands dental clinic ensures each patient benefits from these advantages to the fullest. Our dental practice team at Smile Design Studio delivers efficient, safe, and effective implant oral surgery without the fear of an uncomfortable procedure. The dental implants we offer closely resemble natural teeth in both function and appearance, playing a pivotal role in managing the risk of disease progression in teeth.

By calling (08) 9468 3322, Smile Design Studio gives our patients the opportunity to learn more about our wide range of specialist services and treatment plans.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Dental Implants in Nedlands

At Smile Design Studio, we offer a range of treatments, including dental implant solutions tailored to meet the special health care needs of residents in Nedlands.

Single Tooth Dental Implant

Smile Design Studio provides single-tooth dental implants in Nedlands.

If you’re looking to replace a single missing tooth, Smile Design Studio is the preferred choice for many. While a dental crown or dental bridge is an alternative, it requires grinding down the adjacent teeth for support. On the other hand, a single-tooth dental implant doesn’t compromise the health of neighbouring teeth. It replicates your tooth-root surfaces, preserving your jawbone. Compared to bridges, which can lead to operational risks such as gum recession and exposed metal bases, single-tooth implants offer an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-maintain solution.

All-On-4 Dental Implants

In Nedlands, Smile Design Studio’s dental services include All-On-4 dental implants.

In this procedure, four implants are inserted to replace either the lower or upper teeth, supporting a new set of approximately 14 teeth. Ranging from molars to incisors, these implants are a popular choice for those aiming for a permanent change in their teeth’s appearance, offering an alternative to complete dentures. Even if a patient has had gum disease, they may still be an ideal candidate for All-On-4 dental implant surgery.

Endosteal Implants

Smile Design Studio offers endosteal implants in Nedlands.

Crafted primarily from titanium, endosteal implants resemble screws that anchor into the jawbone. They’re suitable for individuals with healthy gum tissues and a robust jawbone. In cases where the jawbone’s strength is in question, bone grafting might be a treatment option to enhance its solidity, ensuring gum soft tissues and bone merge seamlessly with the implant post.

Subperiosteal Implants

Smile Design Studio is a Nedlands dental clinic that provides subperiosteal implants.

Although not as common, subperiosteal implants serve those without ample jawbone to sustain an endosteal implant. Rather than penetrating the jawbone, these implants, equipped with a unique metal frame, sit underneath the gums, comfortably resting above the jawbone. This frame carries multiple posts to back the artificial or temporary teeth.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Smile Design Studio offers zygomatic dental implants in Nedlands.

Zygomatic implants stand out due to their unique positioning in the cheekbone tissue rather than the jaw. These rare implants eliminate the need for bone grafts. Notably, the entire surgical solution, including teeth placement, can sometimes be completed in a single day.

For expert guidance on which dental implant suits you best, reach out to Smile Design Studio’s dental surgeon at (08) 9468 3322 to schedule a free consultation.

Experience the Art of Dentistry at Smile Design Studio

Dive into the future of dental implants in Nedlands with Smile Design Studio.

Our prominent clinic seamlessly incorporates modern technology with our team’s craftsmanship. Smile Design Studio’s method integrates the artistry of smile design with the precision of advanced dental implantology, ensuring every dental patient not only receives optimal functionality but gains confidence back in shape.

Smile Design Studio gives the opportunity for patients to explore dental implant options in Nedlands. It stands out as the go-to destination for high-quality and reliable dental care, even during dental emergencies. Call us at (08) 9468 3322 to schedule a free consultation with our specialist dentist.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today!

Begin a life-changing journey towards a radiant smile that not only boosts the oral health of patients but also elevates their confidence. With Smile Design Studio’s innovative dental services and special expertise, achieving beauty and functionality becomes a seamless experience. Don’t just dream of that flawless smile; make it a reality through a dental visit with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the entire dental implant process take at Smile Design Studio?

The duration of this particular dental service at Smile Design Studio in Perth varies, depending on individual circumstances. Factors affecting the phase of treatment include the patient’s medical condition, the number of implants required, and the complexity of the procedure.

What type of anesthesia is used during the dental implant procedure at Smile Design Studio?

The type of anesthesia utilised during this restorative service at Smile Design Studio typically includes local anesthesia. However, depending on individual patient needs, alternative sedation options may be available.

Are there any instructions to follow after getting dental implants at Smile Design Studio?

After-care instructions following dental implant surgical procedures typically involve guidelines for oral hygiene, tooth brushing techniques, dietary restrictions, regular care visits, medication schedules, and signs of complications and individual risks to monitor. Specific recommendations may vary based on the individual’s unique circumstances and clinic preferences.

What materials are used in the dental implants provided by Smile Design Studio?

The complete range of materials utilised by Smile Design Studio in Perth typically encompass titanium and ceramic, renowned for biocompatibility, durability, and resemblance to natural tooth growth and structure. The choice depends on patient requirements, systemic conditions, and other clinical considerations for a broad range of treatments, including dental implants.


About Nedlands, WA

Nedlands is a suburb situated along the banks of the Swan River in Perth, WA.

Renowned for its proximity to The University of Western Australia in Crawley, Nedlands blends urban amenities with riverside living. The area boasts the Nedlands Golf Club, a haven for enthusiasts of the sport, and the Mason Gardens, perfect for leisurely strolls and family picnics.

The Captain Stirling Hotel, a local landmark, offers visitors a taste of the suburb’s history and hospitality. Moreover, the vibrant Broadway shopping and dining precinct is another draw, with residents and tourists who regularly visit boutiques and eateries.

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Points of Interest in Nedlands

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  • Nedlands Golf Club Western Australia Melvista Avenue 6009
  • City of Nedlands Library 60 Stirling Hwy, 6009
  • Tresillian Arts Centre 21 Tyrell St, 6009
  • Windsor Cinema 98 Stirling Hwy, 6009
  • Peace Memorial Rose Gardens Wishing Well 122 Stirling Hwy, 6009

Parks in Nedlands

  • Dot Bennett Park 12 Lupin Hill Grove, 6009
  • Charles Court Reserve Esplanade, 6009
  • Carrington Park Carrington St, 6009
  • Granby Park 11 Granby Cres, 6009

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  • UWA Health Campus 17 Monash Ave, 6009
  • UWA Nedlands Campus Lot 8235 Gordon Street 6009

Major Highways in Nedlands

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