Veneers or Orthodontic Treatment?

Veneers or Orthodontic Treatment?

Do you have misaligned teeth? Self-conscious about how your smile looks in photos or find yourself covering your mouth when laughing?

At Smile Design Studio we believe that everyone deserves a healthy, happy smile that they can be proud of. If you’ve been suffering in silence, now is the time to explore fast, affordable and effective solutions to transform your smile and help you live your best life.

One question our Perth, WA area patients often ask is whether veneers or orthodontic treatment is the right option for them. Although every situation is unique, below we’ll cover some pros and cons of each.


Orthodontics, such as traditional braces, clear aligners and Invisalign are a popular treatment option to straighten misaligned teeth.

Benefits of Orthodontics

  • The end result is a proper bite that makes eating and chewing easier.
  • Optimal alignment of teeth results in an aesthetically pleasing and uniform smile.
  • Proper alignment and spacing of teeth ensure optimal gum and tooth health.
  • The end result makes cleaning and routine oral hygiene easier and more effective.
  • Can prevent further complications down the road.
  • Can reduce wear and strain on teeth and the jaw.

Popular orthodontic options include clear aligners (such as Invisalign), which are both comfortable and discreet, as well as traditional metal braces.

Cons of Orthodontics

  • Treatment can last 6-9 months or longer
  • Orthodontics can be more expensive
  • Not suitable for all patients


Damaged and misaligned teeth can be quickly addressed with either composite or porcelain veneers. These thin, custom-made covers fit right over your existing teeth. Carefully crafted to match your own teeth, mouth, desired shape and shade, veneers can be a fast and effective alternative to orthodontics. But they aren’t always the right option, and in some cases may not be advisable.

Benefits of Veneers

Fast, requiring only a few appointments (assessment, mould, placement).
Can be more affordable than orthodontics.
Offer immediate results when adhered to your remaining teeth.

Cons of Veneers

May not actually resolve the underlying issue
Can’t fix problems with the alignment of your bite

Which is Right for You: Veneers or Orthodontic Treatment?

Only you and Dr Vicky Ho can make that call together. At Smile Design Studio we believe you deserve a smile you’ll love, and we’ll do everything we can to help you make that dream a reality.

Call or message today to set up an appointment where we can discuss your goals and options for transforming your smile into one you’ll be excited to show off.