What you want to know…

To help you decide whether we are the right dentists for you, our website is loaded with information to questions and concerns that we typically get, for example:

I am anxious and i hate pain! Is your treatment pain free?

Find out about pain-free, sedation dentistry click here to find out more…

I am embarrassed about my smile.

Find out about cosmetic dentistry, which may range from composite fillings to porcelain crowns or veneers. If you have frustrations about loose dentures, read up about other alternatives, such as dental implants, bridges. With Lumineers we do not even have to remove any tooth structure, so a smile makeover can take as little as 2 visits and no needles required!

Are you up with the latest?

Visit our modern practice and meet our highly trained team. We do not skimp on materials or equipment or lab support. We source and only use the best laboratories in the world that understand and can produce the natural results we expect. We believe in education and keeping up with modern advances. Our entire team continues to undergo extensive training regularly to keep ourselves up with the latest that dentistry has to offer.

Can you help me with TMJ pain, headaches, neckaches, shoulder and muscle pains?

Find out about neuromuscular dentistry and how it has changed some of our patient’s lives.

I don’t like my yellow teeth.

See results of our in-house teeth whitening system direct from the U.S.

Do your smile makeovers look natural and feel real?

Check out our smile gallery! See dozens of before and after smiles.

Do you use metal free fillings?

We have not used amalgam (mercury) fillings in a long time. We would never use amalgam for our family or have it ourselves, so we could not in good conscience use it for anyone else. Find out about our bonded aesthetic fillings, like porcelain inlays, onlays, and composite resin fillings.

How can i treat bruxism or grinding or clenching of my teeth?

Find out about how neuromuscular dentistry can help such issues.

I have crooked teeth which i would like to straighten but do not really want to have braces.

Find out about our invisible braces or Invisalign treatment.

What if i do not like the result I get?

With our smile design consult, you get to pick your smile, then we do a detailed mock up of your dream smile on models, you get to see the results before you even decide to get it done! There is no guess work. You get to try in these mock ups in the temporary stage so that you have total control over the result at every stage, and there are never nasty surprises at the end. Our promise to you, we do not give up until you are 100% happy.