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At Smile Design Studio, our premier Winthrop cosmetic dentistry team transforms smiles into beautiful, natural works of art. Within our spa-like setting, our gentle expertise and array of relaxing amenities make your visit as enjoyable as it is revitalizing. Come discover why we are renowned for creating smiles that radiate lasting joy, confidence and health.

Smile Design Studio Is A Cosmetic Dentist In Winthrop, WA

Smile Design Studio’s cosmetic dentistry clinic in Winthrop offers a wide range of services, from dental implants and teeth whitening to Invisalign and veneers, all aimed at enhancing your smile. As a leading Winthrop cosmetic dentist, our team at Smiles Dental is committed to delivering top-notch dental care and ensuring our patients leave with a smile they’re proud to show off.

We specialize in smile makeovers, which involve a combination of treatments tailored to each individual’s needs. This could include teeth whitening for a brighter smile, veneers for tooth reshaping, or even Invisalign for straightening crooked teeth. Our veneers, Winthrop’s best, are designed to seamlessly blend with your natural teeth, providing a flawless, healthy-looking smile.

But we don’t stop at cosmetic treatments. We also take pride in our restorative and preventive dental care. From regular check-ups and dental cleanings to fillings and root canal treatments, your dental health is covered.

Why Choose Smile Design Studio

Choosing Smile Design Studio for your cosmetic dental needs means stepping into a world of top-notch dental care while enjoying an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. As a leading Winthrop cosmetic dentist, we provide a range of dental services and cosmetic dentistry, from composite veneers to porcelain veneers, all aimed at enhancing your smile concepts.

We believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving the smile of your dreams, which is why we offer flexible payment plans. This allows you to access our treatments without feeling the financial pinch. We accept all major credit cards and offer a variety of financing options, including DentiCare, MediPay, and ZipMoney.

At Smile Design Studio, we go beyond merely providing cosmetic dentistry in Winthrop. We offer a spa-like environment with the smell of fresh flowers, the sound of running water, and a choice of exotic teas and gourmet coffees. You can relax with our music DVDs and movies while enjoying our soft, warm blankets and neck pillows. In choosing us, you’re choosing high-quality, affordable, and enjoyable dental care.

Dental Implants

We’re proud to provide dental implants in Winthrop, a game-changer for those struggling with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures. Not only do dental implants offer an esthetic dentistry solution, but they also improve oral health by maintaining jawbone health and preventing facial changes. This implant dentistry service is a key part of our smile restoration efforts.

At Smile Design Studio, we believe in the transformative power of a smile makeover. With dental implants, we can provide:

  • Immediate tooth replacement, restoring the functionality and appearance of your smile
  • A long-lasting treatment solution that promotes jawbone health
  • An increase in comfort and confidence, eliminating embarrassment caused by missing teeth

We understand that missing teeth can be a source of discomfort and self-consciousness. That’s why we’re committed to using our cosmetic dentistry skills to improve your oral health and, ultimately, your quality of life. Dental implants are a reliable, effective solution for tooth replacement, improving your smile and overall well-being. Trust us with your smile restoration journey—we’re here to make a positive difference in your life.

All On Four Implants

All On Four Implants in Winthrop are a revolutionary procedure that can dramatically transform your smile and restore your oral functionality. As a staple in cosmetic dentistry, all-on-4 implants are a permanent solution for teeth replacement, offering full arch dental implants that alter the appearance of your smile while improving oral health.

The all-on-4 implants procedure, also known as implant surgery, involves secure posts placed into your gums and jaws. These implants serve as anchors, capable of replacing up to 14 teeth, including incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Consequently, the result is a comprehensive smile restoration that boosts your confidence and restores your chewing function and speech.

Ideal for individuals seeking a permanent solution to severe dental damage or those looking to avoid the hassle of dentures, all-on-4 implants require healthy gums for support. Following an initial consultation to determine candidacy, the implant surgery proceeds with prepping the jaw for implant acceptance and subsequent placement of the dental implants.

At Smile Design Studio, we strive to make this transformative oral surgery accessible, offering competitive rates and affordable financing options.


Smile Design Studio in Alfred Cove offers a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments tailored to enhance oral health and appearance. We employ advanced techniques such as Damon Braces, Invisalign, and Lingual Braces, each designed for comfort, effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal.

Damon Braces

When it comes to orthodontics, we’re proud to offer our patients the cutting-edge Damon Braces system at our cosmetic dentist office in Winthrop. This advanced orthodontic treatment provides an innovative approach to perfect teeth alignment.

As part of our dental cosmetics and aesthetic dentistry services, we offer:

  • Damon Braces: A high-tech system that uses a slide mechanism to move teeth naturally with less force.
  • Damon Clear: A version of Damon Braces featuring transparent brackets for a more subtle appearance.
  • Damon Q: The most advanced in the Damon line, crafted from high-grade stainless steel.

During your personalized consultation, we’ll assess your suitability for these braces and discuss the best options for your specific needs. You can trust us to guide you to a beautiful, confident smile.

Lingual Braces

While we’re on the topic of orthodontics, it’s worth exploring the benefits of lingual braces, a virtually invisible yet effective solution for teeth alignment. These custom-made braces are placed behind the teeth and offer a discreet treatment option with the same dietary restrictions as traditional braces.

They provide a cosmetic enhancement to your smile and promote a healthier oral environment. Our treatment process starts with a personalized treatment plan to suit your needs. Regular progress reviews ensure your teeth are moving in the right direction.

Lingual braces are more than just an invisible alternative; they’re a confidence-boosting tool that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.


Diving right into our range of cosmetic dentistry services, we’re proud to offer Invisalign. This breakthrough technology revolutionizes smile makeovers without the need for traditional braces. This treatment includes a series of nearly invisible, clear aligners designed for each individual’s teeth, offering a comfortable alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign isn’t just about aligning teeth, changing tooth angles, and creating an overall smile transformation. With each set of aligners changed every two weeks, your teeth gradually move until they reach the final prescribed position.

The process starts with a 3D treatment plan, ClinCheck, which shows the teeth movements throughout the treatment. These clear aligners are then custom-made according to the ClinCheck results.

Here are a few highlights of our Invisalign treatment:

  • No metal braces: Invisalign uses clear aligners, offering a discreet cosmetic dentistry solution.
  • ClinCheck technology: This provides a virtual roadmap of your smile makeover.
  • Customized treatment: Each aligner is specifically designed for your teeth to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Smile Design Studio has over 20 years of experience crafting stunning, natural-looking smiles in Winthrop using veneers. Led by renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Vicky Ho, Smile Design Studio takes a personalized, patient-centered approach to veneers.

Porcelain Veneers

In our pursuit to create attractive smiles, we offer porcelain veneers, a versatile and long-lasting solution for enhancing your teeth’s appearance. As a leading cosmetic dentist in Winthrop, WA, we specialize in cosmetic dental procedures, providing top-notch dental services to transform your smile.

Porcelain veneers are an excellent option for those looking to improve their appearance. These veneers are designed to:

  • Match your existing teeth, offering a natural, brighter smile.
  • Repair dental damages like cracks and chips, restoring your teeth’s structure and function.
  • Last for many years with proper care, ensuring a lasting impact on your smile.

We’re committed to providing the best cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve your desired smile. With porcelain veneers, we’re making beautiful smiles a reality.

Composite Veneers

We’re thrilled to offer composite veneers, a fast and natural-looking solution for minor tooth imperfections, providing a perfect balance of affordability and aesthetics.

As a leading cosmetic dentist in Winthrop, WA, we specialize in this type of cosmetic dentistry, which involves bonding tooth-colored fillings to the teeth to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Composite veneers are popular among our patients, offering a simple and cost-effective alternative to dental crowns. Our cosmetic dentists meticulously shape and polish these veneers to match your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless, beautiful result.

Teeth Whitening

Smile Design Studio offers a multitude of effective teeth whitening treatments in Winthrop to help restore the dazzle to your smile. As prominent Winthrop cosmetic dentists, we’re experts in esthetic and cosmetic dentistry. Our range of dental procedures for smile enhancement is comprehensive and tailored to your needs.

Our professional whitening treatments include:

  • Custom trays with take home kits: This tooth whitening option ensures a snug fit for better results, taking 7-14 days to achieve six shades of whiter teeth.
  • In-surgery Laser or Zoom whitening: This tooth bleaching procedure can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter for quick results in just one visit.
  • Kor Whitening: Extending your natural whitening limit, this is a combination of in-office and at-home treatment.

We want to help you choose the best teeth whitening option for your lifestyle and oral health. Our aim is to provide transformative dental procedures that enhance your smile and boost your confidence. Visit us at our Smile Design Studio for a whiter, brighter smile today.

Smile Makeover

The next step in our journey to a confident smile is addressing gummy smiles and crowded teeth. These common issues can significantly impact the aesthetics of your smile, but don’t worry, we’ve got solutions.

Let’s explore how a smile makeover can help rectify these problems and create a smile you’ll be proud to show off.

Gummy Smile

Addressing a common concern, our team excels in transforming gummy smiles into confident, radiant expressions with our range of smile makeover treatments. As a leading cosmetic dentist in Winthrop, WA, we specialize in esthetic dental procedures tailored to your unique needs.

Our gummy smile solutions include:

  • Laser gum lifting: A minimally invasive procedure to contour the gum line, enhancing your smile design.
  • Porcelain veneers: These can be combined with laser gum lifting for a complete smile makeover.
  • Botox injections: Used for cosmetic purposes, these can subtly adjust your smile’s balance and symmetry.

Our cosmetic dentistry services aim to give you the smile you’ve always desired. Trust us, your smile is in good hands.

Crowded Teeth

If you’re bothered by crowded teeth, our smile makeover treatments at Smile Design Studio in Winthrop, WA are here to deliver the transformation you’ve been seeking. To ensure precise teeth alignment, we’ve mastered cosmetic dentistry procedures, including orthodontics and Invisalign.

Our cosmetic dentist specializes in treating crowded teeth with porcelain veneers, a popular solution for their natural look and durability. Invisalign, another alternative, offers a nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth without the restrictions that come with traditional orthodontics.

For more extensive cases, we also offer dental crowns. We’re committed to crafting a smile design that improves your oral health and boosts your confidence. Visit us today and begin your journey to a healthier, happier smile.

Dental Crowns

Smile Design Studio in Winthrop are experts in the application of dental crowns, offering a high-quality, affordable solution to restore your smile. As part of Smile Design Studio’s commitment to high-end cosmetic dentistry, we address a range of dental concerns, ensuring your smile assessment is thorough and tailored to your needs.

Our clinic’s spa-like environment creates a luxurious atmosphere to make your visit a pampered experience. We believe that visiting the dentist should be as enjoyable as possible.

  • Relaxing Space: Enjoy the soothing sounds of our indoor water garden and the aroma of fresh flowers as you walk in.
  • Bespoke Financing Options: We provide a variety of payment plans designed to make your dental crowns affordable.
  • Pampering Extras: From our tea ceremony to noise-canceling headphones, we go the extra mile to ensure your comfort.

We’re not just a dental clinic but a smile design studio dedicated to transforming smiles and lives. Our dental crowns and other cosmetic dentistry services aim to give you a smile reflecting your true beauty and the confidence to show it off.

Contact Us Today

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Smile Design Studio for answers to your questions about cosmetic treatments, dental health, and care. As leading providers of cosmetic dentistry in Winthrop, WA, we’re committed to enhancing your teeth and smile. Our cosmetic dentistry family dentist, Dr. Vicky Ho, is experienced with five types of cosmetic dental procedures, each designed to improve the aesthetics and health of your smile.

Our services in cosmetic dentistry extend beyond merely beautifying your smile. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care supporting oral health. Whether you’re curious about cosmetic dentistry or need detailed insights about specific treatments, we’re here to help.

As a cosmetic dentist, we pride ourselves on offering various treatments. We’re not just dentists; we’re smile artists. So, if you’re in Winthrop, WA, considering cosmetic dental procedures, contact us today. We’re always eager to meet new patients and answer their questions. We’re here to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.


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About Winthrop, WA

Winthrop, located in Okanogan County, Washington, is a small town with a charming Old West motif that attracts many visitors throughout the year. The town is surrounded by the beauty of the North Cascades and visitors can enjoy the outdoors at places such as the Pearrygin Lake State Park, located at 5577 N State Route 20, known for camping, swimming, and fishing. The Shafer Museum, at 285 Castle Ave, provides a glimpse into the area’s history. Winthrop is supported by access to State Route 20, which serves as the main highway connecting the community to other parts of the state. The Methow Valley School District serves educational needs with facilities such as the Methow Valley Elementary School at 18 Twin Lakes Rd and Liberty Bell Jr-Sr High School at 24 Twin Lakes Rd. For government services, the Winthrop Town Hall can be found at 206 Riverside Ave. The Methow Valley State Airport, located at 29 Airport Road, is a public-use airport providing access to the region. Although it is a small community, Winthrop offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical charm, contributing to its reputation as a quintessential small town in the Pacific Northwest.

Highways In Winthrop, WA:

  • State Route 20, 98862
  • Twin Lakes Road, 98862

Parks In Winthrop, WA:

  • Pearrygin Lake State Park, Bear Creek Road, 98862
  • Big Twin Lake Campground, Twin Lakes Road, 98862
  • Winthrop Town Trailhead, Castle Avenue, 98862

Airports In Winthrop, WA:

  • Methow Valley State Airport, East Chewuch Road, 98862

Lakes/Rivers In Winthrop, WA:

  • Methow River, flowing alongside Winthrop, provides stunning riverside views and water activities.
  • Pearrygin Lake, located near Pearrygin Lake State Park, is a significant local feature.

Points of Interest In Winthrop, WA:

  • Shafer Museum, Castle Avenue, 98862
  • Winthrop Ice & Sports Rink, Twin Lakes Road, 98862

Neighborhoods In Winthrop, WA:

  • North Winthrop, located north of State Route 20, 98862
  • South Winthrop, located south of State Route 20, 98862
  • East Winthrop, located east of Twin Lakes Road, 98862
  • West Winthrop, located west of Twin Lakes Road, 98862