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Our team in Mosman Park combines modern dental technology with artistry, to bring the most beautiful natural smiles to our clients, who may be too embarrassed to smile openly or just simply want to feel better about themselves.

We do complete smile makeovers in as few as two visits while our patients dream, blissfully unaware, and they “wake up” to their dream smile. We don’t drag out treatments over months and many visits at the dentist. The key is in our preparation, planning, systems and team, who work so hard behind the scenes so you don’t have to. You will feel confident with every step as you can see the result you will get even before you commit to treatment, have a chance to trial it out and so you will be sure to love the results.

My Personal Journey: Dr Vicky Ho

Everyone always says to me, “You have the most amazing smile!” or, “I want a smile just like yours!”  There is a sad story behind this joyful smile that I now own.

You probably would not believe when I told you now, that I had a set of teeth much worse than almost anyone I know. I was born with teeth that were too large for my small frame. If you can imagine what I looked like, if you see my smile now, imagine that I had 9 extra teeth in there. Yes, I looked like a shark, with rows and rows of teeth! My teeth protruded so much out of my mouth that I could not close my lips to cover them. My teeth were the first things that entered a room before I did! (funny now but not at the time). I was ridiculed and laughed at in school, but what I found for me, was that it wasn’t what anyone else thought about me, but most about WHAT I FELT ABOUT MYSELF. I felt that I could not bear to look at anyone, because I would see them staring at my teeth instead of looking in my eyes. I could not smile as I did not want to show any more of my teeth. I looked down and away all the time. I could not bear to have my photo taken. I could not express the joy even though I may have felt happy inside. I avoided parties, I avoided talking in front of people. I avoided relationships. My best friend growing up was my dog, who never judged or laughed at me and loved me no matter what I looked like.

My parents weren’t able to afford for me to get treatment, as moving countries with nothing more than our personal clothes, having to start out again in beautiful Australia, finding jobs, and money to pay the rent and set up home again, my teeth were the last on the list. Until finally one day, when I was 17, my mum uttered the words I had been secretly dying to hear, “Girl, it’s time.”

I find myself sitting in a room surrounded by kids half my age.  An old orthodontist’s office, a man of no younger than 70, comes out to greet us. He takes one look at me, pinches my cheek to get a better look at my “deformity”. His first words to me were “I have never, in all my years seen a case as bad as yours.” My heart sank. I immediately thought, “Oh no! don’t tell me that he cannot help me!”  and tears started welling in my eyes once again. Then to make a joke, he said, in front of everyone in the waiting room, “ I bet you don’t have a boyfriend looking like that.” My orthodontist, as tactless and heartless a man that he was, he did a massive job and an amazing job on my teeth, until this day I cannot begin to express my gratitude for his work.

But the most important thing it did for my life, after experiencing the change that my smile made to my life, was that it gave my life a mission. To bring smiles into peoples’ lives. But more, so much more than that. It gave me the hunger to do it better, to spend my lives work perfecting the smiles I bring into the lives of my patients. It gave me heart, to feel the pain that my clients feel, I know the journey, I know the emotions they go through, I understand the pain and anguish that my clients go through. So my life’s work is to learn from the world’s best, to dedicate myself to always being open and being a student, so that I may learn more to bring home the knowledge and expertise from around the world to offer my clients at home.

Practicing since 1993,  I have combined my love of learning and growth and doing my best for patients, with my love of traveling, which brought me to further education around the world, learning from the globe’s leading authorities on cosmetic, implant, reconstructive and neuromuscular dentistry. This passion to learn from the world’s best has in turn allowed me to bring a world of modern dentistry from mainly the most renowned schools in the USA back to my home town in Perth. As a result, we have a client following that reaches far and wide, some have even travelled  from Melbourne, Sydney, England, Indonesia, Canada, Singapore and New York to see us.

My practice has evolved over the last 22 years,  from a general dental practice to one now that is leading in Cosmetic smile makeovers, Dental Implants, including All -On-Four, and TMJ or Neuromuscular dentistry and Full Mouth Rehabilitation. This has been fueled by my burning desire to do our best for our patients, to always improve our service and keep abreast in our field. What we have built is a unique practice where literally all their clients’ dental needs can be fulfilled in the one place, with the utmost attention to detail and quality. 

About Our Team

At Smile Design Studio, we have a passionate, dedicated team that lives by our mission, and that is to make a positive difference and add value to the lives of the people we touch. We will treat you  how we would like to be treated ourselves.  We are in it to build lasting relationships and get the best possible outcomes for you. We see our job as getting to know you, learning what your goals and needs are, fully informing you, giving you all your options, so that you feel empowered to make the best decisions for your health, and get the results you desire.

We are committed to ongoing training and nurturing of our team so that we can provide you with the latest in dentistry, the best in service and you will simply love the warm, happy, calm atmosphere our team create.  We also work with only the world’s best dental artisans to provide the most natural and refined smiles available. Guaranteed, you will never feel more pampered or more cared for, any where else. 

And, most importantly, we will definitely give you a smile you’ll love!

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