I am scared of the dentist

Need lots of dental work but scared of the dentist?

Well, you are not alone. Many people have had  good reasons to be scared of the dentist. We have listened to all the most common fears that people have had, and made sure that we learnt from others’ mistakes and  we turned it all around so that many of our patients who were dental phobics, now love coming to see us and would go no where else.

Of the thousands of patients we have treated, we have heard about all their past experiences.

These have been the most common fears that people have reported.

  1. When the dentist numbed me, it didn’t work but they kept on drilling.
  2. I did not know what they were doing to me then I ended up with treatment I didn’t need.
  3. They were butchers.
  4. as a child the dental vans did not numb me up.
  5. i hate the smell of a dentist
  6. I hate the pick thing they stick into my teeth.
  7. I hate needles
  8. I don’t like the noise of the drill.
  9. I lose control and am at their mercy.
  10. When I asked them to stop they didn’t
  11. They did not give me a choice.
  12. They hurt me.
  13. They treat me like a number.

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