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DrVickyHoHi! I am Dr Vicky. I want to tell you about myself, not so much about the things I have done, but the REASONS WHY I do what I do. I like to share a personal story that perhaps explains why being the best dentist I can be is not just a job but it is my life’s mission.


My Personal Smile Makover Story

“You have the most beautiful smile! ” my patients always say to me. “I want a smile like yours”, is something I always hear now, but if I may, I want to take you back to a time in the early 80s, if you can imagine the most awkward teenage girl in your mind.  You see, I looked like I was born with too many teeth which were too big for my face. I felt my teeth were my deformity, I always covered my mouth when I spoke or laughed, and I was embarrassed every time someone looked at me…My life changed once I had my own smile makeover. I remember so clearly till this day, the moment my new smile was unveiled. I could not stop the tears of joy streaming down my face. I will never forget the joy and the liberation I felt when I did not have to hide my smile any longer. Now many people always say to me, “you are always so happy!” And really I truly am, because I can really express freely now how I feel rather than hold back from smiling all the time, I also live every day doing the most soul gratifying job on earth, BRINGING SMILES TO THE WORLD, one person at a time.



I Invite You To Watch An Interview I Gave About My Own Smile Makeover Story.


I made a few decisions as a young adult.

  1. I understand what it feels like to not be able to smile freely, or to feel less than good about yourself.
  2. I understand how this journey can be such an extremely emotional one, and recognise that the utmost support and empathy goes a long way to making the journey a more comfortable one.
  3. I vowed to try my best that no matter what situation presented, as complex a case as might be to help the person no matter what, to make things better for them
  4. With that mission in my heart then I continue to go all around the world to find answers, to find expertise and learn what it takes to be able to help even the most dire of smiles. I believe that being able to smile freely is such a gift to yourself and a gift to the world. A smile lights you up but it also lights up the world around you. It is mine and my team’s mission to help you get your dream smile.


Dr Vicky Ho’s Qualifications

Dr Vicky Ho graduated in 1993 from the University of Western Australia, receiving honourable prizes for Best Student in her year for Preventive dentistry and Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery. She has been studying and restoring Dental Implants since her very first implantology courses in 1994. She has since furthered her education by attending numerous post-graduate training courses including world renowned courses from the prestigious LAS VEGAS INSTITUTE, the world’s leading centre for Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry. She then furthered her career on Treatment of TMJ disorders with Dr Clayton Chan from Occlusion Connections in the USA to treat people suffering from a lifetime of pain from persistent headaches, neck pain and joint symptoms. She was awarded a Fellowship with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in 2012. Recently in 2015, she graduated from Loma Linda University with a gIDE Master Clinician in Implant Surgery. She was selected to represent Australia to present her case study in front of a World Symposium in Los Angeles in September 2015 and received the top prize in Australia in her Post Graduate gIDE Master Clinician Course in Implant Surgery, and selected amongst the top 10 clinicians in the world for her results and achievements.

  1. Live surgical implant training, Mongalo Implant Institute 2012
  2. Live Surgical implant training MIS in Colombia 2014
  3. Occlusion Connections, Dr Clayton Chan, Las Vegas. – Advanced principles of physiologic occlusion, May 2011 – Diagnostic principles May 2011 – Treatment planning. June 2011 – Introduction to micro occlusion 1 Sept 2011 – Neuromuscular bite refinement/advanced k7 practicum Sept 2011 – Advanced bite management and transfer Sept 2011 – Mastery University with Tony Robbins 2010
  4. Invisalign May 2010
  5. Full mouth reconstruction completed. Las Vegas Institute November 2009
  6. Coronoplasty and finishing the case. Las Vegas Institute May 2008
  7. Comprehensive aesthetic reconstruction. Las Vegas Institute Feb 2008
  8. Advanced adhesive aesthetic dentistry. Jan 2008
  9. Lumineers smile design 2008
  10. Oral Sedation Dentistry. DOCS USA Feb 2008
  11. Advanced Occlusal and Restorative Principles Core IV. Las Vegas Institute, 2007
  12. Advanced Functional Aesthetics 2007, LVI
  13. Advanced Functional Restorative Dentistry 2007, LVI
  14. Neuromuscular Occlusion, 2006 in office training LVI
  15. Masters of Dentistry Extravaganza 2006, Melbourne
  16. Local Anaesthesia Update and Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice, 2006
  17. Graduate of Momentum Practice Management 2006
  18. Aesthetic Implant Restoration, ITI, Dr Bruno Schmidt (Switzerland) 2003
  19. Selecting Right Cosmetic Products and Techniques, Sydney Dr Micheal Miller DDS 2006
  20. Advanced Dental Aesthetics, 2006 Dr Chris Ho
  21. Single Tooth Implant Course (BrÃnemark System) May 1994 – Perth, WA
  22. Cracking the Code to the Management of Cracked Teeth Sept 2001
  23. Art of Aesthetics – Dr Norman Feigenbaum (America Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) 2000
  24. University of Western Australia – Continuing Education in Dentistry – Dental, Medical and Legal – 2001
  25. Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr Gordon Christensen – Australian Update 1999 – Sydney, 1999
  26. Introduction ITI Implant Course, 2000
  27. ITI Dental Implant System June 2001 Waldenberg & Geneva, Switzerland
  28. Cohesive Materials in Restorative Dentistry – Professor Charles Cox (University of Alabama) 2001
  29. University of Western Australia – Continuing Education in Dentistry – New Generation Ceramics Predictable Aesthetics and Function 2001
  30. Dr Ray Bertolotti – Australian Update 2001 – Aesthetic Adhesion Dentistry 2001
  31. Branemark Single tooth implant 1994


Dr. Vicky Ho’s Passions

Aside from my career which I love so much, other things I am passionate about :

  1. Being the best mum and spending time with my 3 boys
  2. Personal development and inspirational speakers / authors. Great fan of Anthony Robbins, and others like Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Eckhart Tolle, Jack Canfield, Brendan Burchard, and Seth Godin
  3. Love the great outdoors and Australia, our beautiful home. Spend time running, cycling, beaching, picnics, bush walking, SUP, kayaking.
  4. Taekwondo, one of my life’s greatest joys and passions. It brings me back to my centre, and teaches me discipline, focus, self control, strength, resilience and positivity of mindset and CANI (constant and never-ending improvement)
  5. Charity and giving back. Did a 500 km bike ride in Thailand to raise funds for building an orphanage in 2014. I held dental clinics in Thailand treating the hill tribe villages and building orphanages and schools there for the previous 7 years.

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