How to get long lasting WHITE TEETH without sensitivity

“I hate my yellow teeth!” This is something we hear so often, yet teeth whitening is one of the simplest most effective cosmetic solution to make a real difference.

Here are answers to our most common questions about tooth whitening, that may help you decide if it is for you.

Does it really work? 

There are many ways you can whiten your teeth, with varying levels of success. The least effective ones are the ones you can buy over the counter at chemists, or supermarkets, like whitening strips, pastes, pens. The next level would be the ones provided by shopping mall stands, and beauticians. The reason these are not as effective are because they can only use a low concentration of active ingredient as it cannot be isolated effectively from touching the gums, lips and and soft tissues.  They also take in to consideration that these will be administered by untrained individuals so they have to use a safe, low concentration that is not as effective in whitening the teeth. Non dental professionals cannot manufacture custom trays that fit the mouth precisely so contact of the whitening gel is less targeted, and therefore less effective.  In the dental professional office, we can manufacture trays that custom fit your mouth so that the gel can only be placed on the teeth in a close tight fitting manner so it is effective, and keeps the gel only where it needs to be, on the teeth and off the gums. We can then use higher concentrations of active bleaching materials and get a much better result.  See the photos of our whitening results.

Does it cause tooth sensitivity? 

The answer is yes, it can. The sensitivity varies and tends to be worse when the gel is in contact with the gums as well. It can cause gum soreness and “burning”. It is crucial that the trays are used properly or that the gums are isolated carefully so that no gel touches the gums. At Smile Design Studio we use the most effective whitening treatments that are also the least sensitive on the market.

How long does it last? 

Our teeth whitening systems last a long time and many of our clients never have to repeat the process, as their teeth will not return to the original colour. However, if you take a lot of coffee, tea, colas, smoke cigarettes, they teeth will accumulate stains again. The more you put stains on, the more you will have to maintain the colour. Maintenance is simple. You simply place the whitening gel in the tray for 1-2 nights every 6 months and it should bring the teeth back to their whiteness again.

In summary, Long lasting white with no sensitivity involves the right fitting trays, the right isolation, the right procedure and the best equipment and most advanced materials. The results will tell the story.

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