Anxiety Free Dentistry or Sedation Dentistry

Many want to have necessary work done, yet are too afraid of the procedure. We are pleased to offer Sedation dentistry to varying levels according to your needs and anxiety levels as well as to cater for the type of dentistry needed.  What could be better than getting your needed dentistry done while you dream, and enjoy the process and wake up to a brand new smile?

Most of our clients who opt for Sedation dentistry do not remember anything about the procedure. We carry out their main treatment in 1 or 2 visits while they are sedated and they never have to sit through long painful visits over months and months.

Sedation dentistry  is suitable for all levels of dentistry, and all levels of fear. Rest assured, we will discuss all options available to best cater to your needs, and you will be fully informed of all treatment to be performed before you are sedated so you know the full costs, risks and benefits so you can make the best informed decision for yourself. Rest assured, you are in safe hands. We have fully qualified anaesthetists and staff on board to ensure a comfortable, and safe experience.


Imagine a relaxing, refreshing, and enjoyable dental experience…

Imagine leaving your next dental appointment feeling rejuvenated, balanced and actually happy you kept your appointment…

Imagine enjoying the experience so much you can’t wait to tell your friends and family and, even looking forward to going back to the dentist…

Now you can!

Introducing NuCalm

The revolutionary technology that naturally relaxes the mind and body without drugs

NuCalm uses four components that work together to bring the body to a deep state of calm. It is administered as soon as you sit in the chair and takes about 3 minutes. You will feel the relaxation effects in 3-5 minutes.

  1. First you chew dietary supplements that are designed to relax you by counteracting adrenaline. The proprietary formula is only available in the NuCalm system and includes structured, nutrient-sourced building blocks that rapidly create a natural relaxation response.
  2. Microcurrent stimulation patches are placed behind each ear. Research shows this helps facilitate the relaxation response.
  3. Noise-dampening headphones are used to deliver proprietary neuroacoustic software, layered with soothing music, to bring your brain wave pace to the pre-sleep stage (8Hz -12Hz per second).
  4. Light-blocking eye masks are used to negate visual stimuli and help maintain the NuCalm relaxation state.

The combination of these four components provides you with a powerful and effective relaxation experience, especially during dental procedures. The more stressed or anxious you are, the more profound the NuCalm effect will be.

Think about how you feel as you lay down to go to sleep. Your mind may race about the day’s events or something that is happening the next day. Slowly, you begin to relax – you can feel gravity pulling you deeper into your bed and pillow, you may have strange mental associations or daydreams, you may experience neuromuscular releases (body parts twitching) where you have built up lactic acid, and you will begin deep breathing. This experience is the Alpha stage of sleep. This is the exact stage you will be in throughout your NuCalm experience.

With NuCalm, you will be in the dental chair getting treatment, but you will be so relaxed that you will not be aware of or focused on the dentistry. You will actually feel like you are at a spa or a place of deep relaxation. Imagine that, deep relaxation in the dental chair.

NuCalm will relax your mind and your body throughout the entire dental procedure. You will be conscious and able to respond to voice commands, but you will physically be unable to have an anxious response and will be unaware of time and space…you will feel like you are in deep meditation or about to go to sleep.

Your NuCalm appointment will provide a sense of balance and wellness for hours, and even days, after your appointment. The neuromuscular release will resolve any tension in your head, neck, and upper back which may also last for a couple of days. With NuCalm, you can be diligent about your oral health care and have the benefit of full body rejuvenation. It’s going to seem strange wanting to go to the dentist, but you will get used to it!

What Patients Say About NuCalm

I feel completely relaxed.  It if worked on me it will work on anyone.–  Gerry

I have a euphoric sense.  I forgot a dental procedure was being done.–  Jackie

I am always a big chicken in the chair.  Now I feel like I can do anything with NuCalm!–  Jennifer

I could not have ever made it through my appointment without NuCalm.  In fact, I ran out of my dentists office before my appointment started last time.–  Marcia

I feel incredible!  I cant wait to get back to work to tell everyone about this.–  Susan

I loved NuCalm!!!  I am always an anxious patient and I cant wait for my family to try it.–  Donna

I was so sick to my stomach before my appointment.  I felt so calm and so relaxed thanks to NuCalm.  I will never go anywhere else but this office and I want NuCalm for all my appointments now! –  Linda

Loved it!  It really helped me get through a procedure I was nervous about.–  Diana

I can’t believe that was only 90 minutes – only felt like it was 30 minutes tops!” –  Craig

I cant really explain it.  I just feel really good thank you.–  Jon

As soon as I chewed the tablets and had the sticky pads applied I could “feel it.”  That was the nicest dental appointment I have ever had.  I loved it!–  Jenine

I felt like I was only in the chair for 30 minutes – not over two hours.–  Victoria

NuCalm was a very relaxing, therapeutic experience.  I have chronic neck and shoulder pain.  After NuCalm I had no pain, which is remarkable.  Can I have this done every month?–  Judy

The NuCalm procedure is excellent.  It is really relaxing.  The music is great.  It takes the mind off the procedure that is going on.–  Clementine

My 2 hour appointment felt like 30 minutes, great experience.  Thanks NuCalm.” –  David

I feel ridiculously relaxed!–  Monica

I had extensive work done several years ago and I wish my dentist had NuCalm back then.  I am definitely doing NuCalm again and would recommend it!–  Julie

It was very good.  I cant explain it but I feel good!–  Amy

I am relieved and relaxed from all my stress this month!  I want it for all my appointments–  Gina

I can’t stand going to the dentist.  Today I had a root canal and could not find a place to get anxious or fearful.  The Endodontist told me I was his best patient of the day.  I was okay through the entire procedure because of NuCalm.–  Doug

I will never worry again about my dental appointment.  I lost sleep last night over this appointment.  Thank you for being such a great dental office to find NuCalm for me.–  Amanda

Boy did I need this.  Not usually stressed over dental appointments but I had a rough weekend and now I feel great!–  Molly

This NuCalm is something else. I love it!–  Elizabeth

I hardly felt like I was at the dentist…Thank you NuCalm!–  Chris

Great idea!  I am very happy with this opportunity to come to my dentist without worrying too much.  I really enjoy having NuCalm!–  Maria

I will ask for this every time!  It was subtle but very calming!–  Doreen

I have had bad experiences at the dentist office before and have made poor choices to not go back.  Now I am not nervous at all to come back and feel great!  I had the best experience receiving anesthetic ever thanks to NuCalm.  I didn’t feel anything!” –  Ginger

Absolutely awesome!  Im sold and cant imagine doing it again without it!–  Meribeth

This is our team of anesthetists who look after our patients in Intravenous sedation . We ensure your maximum comfort and safety during all procedures.


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