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In essence, dentistry is all about keeping your mouth healthy, preventing disease, eliminating infection, repairing breakdowns, restoring lost structure, revitalising your mouth, and improving your smile. Dentistry has evolved unrecognisably over the last few years alone. In the past, the solution for dental problems or toothaches was an extraction and dentures. Now, so much more can be done to eliminate pain, and preserve teeth for life.

Recent research from the US as found that oral health can influence the severity and susceptability of other conditions in the body such as cardiovascular (heart) disease, respiratory disease and even stroke. That is why we educate our patients on the total health of the body, not just the teeth.

Here at Smile Design Studio, we not only care teeth, but for the very important person on the other side of that smile. We help to prevent the need for fillings, root canals or restorations, but educating our patients on the best way to maintain and care for and promote health. We believe that the most minimally invasive way to achieve a desired result is always the best way.

We also never use the silver mercury amalgam fillings on our patients. We would not choose to have it in our own mouths and so we would not in our conscience choose it for our patients. We have seen too many teeth like this suffer after years of expansion of the metal filling and the lack of bonding to natural teeth, in situations even with a tiny filling results in a split tooth.

Instead we choose to use the more aesthetic but more importantly more biologically accepted materials such as Porcelain inlays or Composites. They are not only tooth coloured and invisible, but Porcelain inlays are strong, have the same wear rate as enamel and bond to remaining tooth to strengthen it and prevent the tooth from splitting.

Here at Smile Design Studio, we don’t just treat our patients, but we care for them. We don’t just improve teeth aesthetically, we strengthen them  functionally and prevent future problems so they last the distance, and our patients can eat and smile confidently.

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