The Vision of our Business


What we stand for.
We are seen by our community to bring joy into the lives of people. We give people a reason to be able to smile again. We enrich the lives of people we touch. We are true to our relationships, we treat each person as a unique individual, with respect, dignity, compassion and utmost care. We will give no less of ourselves than Outstanding, Excellent, Passionate and Sincere.

What we strive for.
We live each day as if it was our last, yet learn as if we were to live forever. That means we give great meaning to every thing we do, whole heartedly and with passion. We continually stretch ourselves only in our effort to be the best we can be for ourselves, families and to serve the people who put their trust in our hands. We live with gratitude every day for what we have been given and use our gifts and talents for the greater good.

Our Clients.
Our clients seek us out as they only want the best treatment for themselves. They trust us because they understand that we would treat them exactly how we would treat our closest friends and family. They feel like they are part of our family when they are in our care. They appreciate that we take the time to listen, understand and care for them because we realise that every person has different needs, goals and desires. They have the confidence in the journey and are delighted with their results.

Our position in the field.
We are seen as the leading experts in the field of cosmetic, reconstructive, neuromuscular and implant dentistry, but more than that, we have heart and passion. We give more value and service to the lives of others so they want to be a part of our business, and refer their friends and family to us.

Our team
They join our vision as they too are on their own mission to make a difference. They know that in their daily jobs, they are making the world a better place, in all the little things they do. In comforting and understanding those who are afraid, in back up and support of the doctor, in making the environment a tranquil and happy place, in the little touches that makes someone more comfortable, in holding one’s hand, in helping each other. They embrace that mistakes are sometimes made in effort to climb to new heights. They realise that not alone but by teamwork is how great things are achieved.

Financial position
We are so financially successful that we can afford to bring our services and gifts to those who are less fortunate than ourselves, who really need our services but cannot pay for them. We do pro-bono cases so that we can bring our smiles into the lives of someone to make theirs better. Our goal is to bring smiles to the world so we take our gifts to 3rd world countries where we can enrich and improve the lives of those who need it but have no means.


Our staff having fun while team building.

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