How To Get The Smile You Want

The Failsafe Way Of Ensuring You Get The Smile You Want

Do you worry about getting your smile done because you worry that you may get a result that looks unnatural, fake or doesn’t suit your face? Do you fear that you may hate the result, and that is why you haven’t done it?

Well, we have got great news for you. None ( yes none) of our thousands of clients have ever ended with a smile they regretted doing or were unhappy with, all (yes, all) were thrilled with their results and wish they had done it sooner.

Though every person is different and has different goals and desires, how do we manage to please every one 100% of the time? The answer is simple, it is all in the design and planning of each and every case.  We have used a proven system in our smile design that takes many factors all in to consideration and it is an entire system of how we operate that ensures a smooth transition from the old smile to the new smile.

Below illustrated is the system and procedures we follow on each case to ensure we deliver the best result for each patient, every single time. There is no guess work or luck involved, just set systems, proven, trialled and tested, that ensure the ideal result for each client.

It seems like a complex number or steps, and it really is, but for client we do all the hard yards, planning and careful artistry, out of the clinic, so that chair time and treatment time is minimal for the client, often only in 2 visits! Some distinguishing features that we at Smile Design Studio do that other general dentists may not do  to ensure a perfect final result is :

 1. Discover your aspirations and goals

Many of our clients have dreamed about having a new smile for a long time and know what they aspire their look or image to be, some have dreamed of it for a lifetime. So when they come to us they know what they want to achieve. For example one client might come in and say, “I want Johnny Depp’s smile,” or bring some pictures in of what smile they want to achieve. Others have no idea what can be done and that’s good too, as we sit down and discuss all your options with you, and show you possibilities.

2. Smile design

We go through a process of designing the perfect smile for your mouth, lips, and face. Not every one suits the teeth or smile that may sit in Angelina Jolie’s mouth, or Miranda Kerr’s or Brad Pitt.  The last thing we want to do is give our clients a smile that looks wrong in their face, and we know “those” that have had their teeth done, because they look too big, too wide, too white, too long, too unnatural to be theirs, or too perfect to be natural.

Smile Design Studio Happy ClientSo how do we get it perfect for each person every single time?

The GOLDEN SHIMBASHI  is a law in nature that all living things grow in proportion, the same magic ratio you can find in leaves, shell spirals, facial proportions, and even teeth proportions. By taking certain measurements of the face and teeth, we can calculate what size and length precisely that that individuals teeth need to be to look natural and right for them.  Dentists who understand the principles of the this law will never deliver a smile that is too wide or long or teeth that are too skinny or short or wide. We use this maths to calculate exactly what is right for each patient every single time.

We then design exactly what the client wants individually as well eg colour, texture, character, shapes, translucency, etc that make their smiles individual.

Whilst we try to accommodate and adapt their aspirations and their goals for their new smile, we are also here to advise if there is something they want but if we feel we could improve on or that it would not suit, we would certainly say so, but at the end of the day, the choice is totally our clients and what they are happy with.  We are here to help YOU achieve your goals, not our own.

If you have no idea what you want except straight white teeth, then we can help guide you and design the perfect smile for you too.

3. Mock ups

We will then create your dream smile on a model of your own teeth so you can see the result before you commit to any treatment. If you like the mock ups, then we can proceed, if you don’t we can amend them and make any changes until you are happy, otherwise you do not need to go ahead with it.

4. Trial Smile

Once you are happy with the mock ups and want to proceed then we start with the first treatment visit where we will do the necessary treatment, then place the mock ups in your mouth to have a trial run to see if it really does look good in your face. At this point you can still make any changes and fine tune the temporary teeth so that we can make the finals ones perfect. The trial smiles look so good that no one would ever know that they are not your real teeth. You can wear them out and to weddings even, and no one would ever know. This way, all the critics (our friends and family )can give all their input and opinions as you wish. Changes can still be made at this point to ensure the final result is perfect and you know what you are getting.

The final smile will then be completed modeling the trial smile and any changes that need to be made.  This ensures an ideal  result for our clients every time.

5. Final Smile

Your porcelain veneers will be finalised after analysis of your trial smile with any changes that you want made. The porcelain veneers will be made with all the individual characterisation that you may want to incorporate to make them unique and individual to you. These will be bonded at your next appointment.

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