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Why Choose Smile Design Studio for your Smile? Here’s 11 reasons :

  1. OUR FULL SUPPORT : We understand that this is a “life changing decision” for most and we do not take it lightly. We will give you all your options and support you through the choices that you can make. Which ever decision you make, we FULLY SUPPORT YOU
  2. CONFIDENCE every step of the way : our smiles are all planned and executed on a MOCK UP model of you before we ever do anything on you. You can see the results before you begin so you’ll know what to expect. You then get to wear the mock ups as a trial smile so we can tweek the details to get you exactly what you want and more than you dreamed of.
  3. TALENTED ARTISANS : we use only the best dental artisans in the world that have been trained especially for this, creating natural beautiful life-like smiles. Together we create smiles that are natural and in harmony with who you are.
  4. CHOICES : because of our vast experience in smile creation, we have many options of styles for you. You can choose from a wide library of the smiles we have done( we have many before and after of cases that you can choose from), or we can create an individualised, characterised smile for you that makes you, YOU!
  5. PAIN FREE : for those of us that fear the dentist and fear pain, there is no need to be afraid! We can do all your treatment in as few as 2 easy visits, while you are sedated!
  6. FRIENDSHIP and FAMILY : We only treat our clients as if they were our best friend or family. We would never recommend treatment that we would not want for ourselves or our closest family. You will be treated like family to us, our goal is to build life long relationships with all of our clients.
  7. REASSURANCE: you are welcome to speak to any of our clients who have had treatment with us, for viewpoints and feelings from a client perspective.
  8. PASSION for our Job: nothing gives us more joy than the privilege of being able to help someone, to feel no more pain, to feel better about themselves, to be able to smile again, to be able to express joy more freely. The change that we see in our clients lives gives us the reward, passion and drive to do our best for each person that entrusts us with their care.
  9. OUR EDUCATION AND TRAINING : We strive to be the best. We don’t settle for mediocrity. We seek out education to learn from the best, we are constantly at courses to better our knowledge, skills, and expertise. What you get from our insatiable hunger, is the best of our team, 100% of the time. We have learnt from the world’s leading experts in Cosmetic, Neuromuscular and Implant dentistry and constantly challenge ourselves to do better.
  10. WARRANTY : we only do quality and use the best materials and labs, therefore we stand by our work all the way. Our crowns or veneers are guaranteed for 5 years against mechanical failure as long as you keep your end of the bargain to care for them the way we instructed you to.
  11. PAYMENT OPTIONS: there are many payment options available that will help you get your dream smile easier.