I am scared of the dentist

This is something we hear often. The problem is many people have had bad experiences at the dentist, from being reprimanded, embarrassed, to experiencing pain and not being listened to.

We understand and know where you are coming from, as most of our clients who have come to us in such a state of disrepair have exactly the same fears. We empathise and listen and it is our mission as a team to care for you as if you were a loved one. We will only treat you the way that we would like to be treated ourselves. We also make it our personal challenge to convert our dental phobics in to dentist loving people, and so far we have succeeded on most of our clients. We make it our mission to ensure that our clients all not only have a great result, but have a great experience and journey getting to that result.

Here are some of our dental phobics that have converted in to dentist lovers:

How do we do it?

It is all in our process of caring for you as if you were the most important person in the world.

  1. We will never make you embarrassed or reprimand you.
  2. We will always listen to your needs, wants, desires and help you achieve your goals.
  3. We will educate you on all your options so that you can choose what option fits best with you and help you to make those important decisions.
  4. We make sure that you fully understand the risks and benefits of the treatment and the likely complications so that you are fully informed and will have no “surprises” along the way.
  5. Whilst we cannot guarantee a 100% painless experience depending on the treatment you will receive, at all times we make sure you are comfortable and totally numb, and will stop at any time you request it, so you are in full control.
  6. For lengthy procedures we offer sedation or NuCalm to help calm nerves, and erase all memory of the experience, so that you will feel like you were asleep through the entire process.
  7. We don’t drag out treatment over many months at the dentist and multiple visits, we tend to have systems in place to make it as quick and easy as we can for you. In many cases we can treat the whole mouth in only a couple of visits.

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