COVID-19 Update 23rd April – Open for Business

COVID-19 Update 23rd April – Open for Business

I hope all of you have been keeping safe and happy in our lock down period and have found peace,and connection with all your loved ones at home during this time. The government have just started to ease us back into normalcy by changing the restrictions to Level 2 which means that we can now start to practice face to face again with more routine dental treatment providing we take precautions like using of the rubber dam and reducing aerosols, which means that we can protect both you and us better.

As dentists we have always operated under the universal precautions anyhow, which means that we have always treated any person as potentially infected, not with just COVID 19 but every other disease, so we can assure you that you are always safe in our hands with our protocols We are glad to announce that from Tuesday 28th of April we will be back to operating and you can call us and find out what we can do for you. We are still limited in some of our procedures but we can let you know what we can and cannot do at this time, just give us a call.


dentist working with childrenDuring this time of hibernation, I have been doing anything but that , but been busy behind the scenes trying to still be of service in any way I can.

I have been coming in to serve all those in need with dental emergencies ( some of which actually have been my own child !!!)

During this time I will continue to be here to support all of you. I have also had all the practice phones diverted to my mobile so have been busy answering calls and reaching out to some of you to give advice over the phone. I am also available to all of you for online consultations and have been assessing smiles online and chatting to people about how to improve their smiles and have met a lot of new clients this way, welcome to the Smile Design Studio family, our newbies!


state of the art dental clinic near Perth WAWe have been super busy behind the scenes working on the practice to getting organised and improving systems and restructuring, training the team and doing a lot of online coaching so that we can come back and be ready to serve you all the best possible way we can moving forward.


healthy food for optimum healthI have also taken time to do the experimental cooking that I have lacked time to do in my usually busy and hectic single mum business owner life. My kids have really enjoyed my hibernating culinary conquests. I just don’t tell them it’s healthy. This little smoothie bowl made with Frozen mango, bananas and persimmons and turmeric latte and a dash of coconut milk, topped up with nuts, granola and fresh fruit is a great dessert or breakie treat.

dentist maintaining health and strength

Last but not least I have taken time for myself with exercise and mediation as a daily routine to help keep my body and mind centred, and in peak condition. I have always been an advocate for optimum health and wellness and about being the best you, and that has ultimately been my passion in every thing I do.

Coming from a “previous life” of not being able to smile myself until I was 21 has taught me a lot of lessons about self love, acceptance and being confident. I have realised how being able to smile for the first time in my life when I was 21 was actually such an amazing gift to my joy and well being. This is what has driven my entire purpose since. I am so grateful for my life journey bringing us to where we are today and being able to serve you all.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you for being a loyal and valued clients of Smile Design Studio. You allow me to live my passion every day and helping you all smile, and laugh freely and feel your best is my daily greatest reward. I look forward to serving you all moving forward.

We are still available for online tele-consults if you are unwell or are choosing to still stay home, but if you want to come in face to face, we can now do so safely and will take all precautions to keep you all safe. We can also now carry on with a lot of our routine procedures and elective treatment as needed.

For all your dental needs please call 93852000 and reach out to us. We are here for you now and as always. We will inform you of what we can and cannot do for you with the current level 2 restrictions, just call us.

Warmest regards

Dr Vicky and the team at Smile Design Studio.