Perth Cosmetic Dentist Shares What You You Should Know About at-Home Whitening Kits

Perth Cosmetic Dentist Shares What You You Should Know About at-Home Whitening Kits

As baby boomers age, many of us are involved in their health care. Many people think of helping their parents with It seems like every week there is another event placed on the calendar.  Whether it’s a family gathering, a graduation, a wedding, or other social events, pictures will be taken.  If “Smile for the camera!” makes you feel awkward because your smile could use some TLC, or you avoid smiling in selfies with your friends, don’t worry, a cosmetic dentist in Perth can help turn things around.

One of the most popular and quickest ways to boost your smile’s appearance is through a teeth whitening treatment. If you elect to use an at-home whitening kit, make sure you get one from a reputable dental clinic, and not a DIY kit from the store. A licensed dental professional will provide you with a high-quality kit you can use in the comfort of your own home. These are so much better for your teeth than other off-the-shelf products you find in the shops.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Mosman Park WA

If you enjoy your coffee, red wine, curries, soft drinks, tea etc, over time, they will leave their mark on your tooth enamel. In the beginning, you probably won’t notice much because stains appear very gradually. Over time, the stains become more significant and your teeth will look yellow, dark, and discoloured.

However, with a professional teeth whitening service you can reverse the effects of these stains. As an added benefit, you can look years younger and improve your self-esteem.

Problems With At-Home Solutions

Teeth whitening kits found in the toothpaste section of the supermarket might be cheaper, however you get what you pay for, along with a few things you may not have expected. Here are some of the issues you need to know about.

Lack of Results

A cosmetic dentist will use professional-grade teeth whitening products in our kits. Normal store-bought kits use a less-powerful bleaching agent, which means it might deliver disappointing results, if they work at all.

Damage to Gums

Having a one-size-fits-all can be bad for you because the bleaching agent is supposed to come into contact with your teeth and not with your gums. Trays need to properly fit your mouth. If not, you tend to get spillover on your gums, which can irritate and even harm them.

Dental Supervision

You have to monitor the results yourself, maybe relying on tiny and confusing directions. As a non-dental professional, you really can’t tell if the bleaching agent is doing what it is supposed to do. If your trays don’t fit properly, and the bleaching agent is weak, then you are going to be disappointed with the results. A patient under a dentist’s care, will have their progress monitored to ensure you get the best results.

Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions

At Smile Design Studio, our team has extensive training and experience in cosmetic dentistry including Teeth Whitening service.  We offer ZOOM Teeth Whitening as well as other In Chair Whitening Services to give you a brighter, whiter smile.  In addition to monitoring the progress of your whitening treatment any other issues with your teeth and gums can be proactively addressed.

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We hope you have been inspired to transform your smile with a medically-approved teeth whitening treatment. When you call the friendly staff at our dental clinic in Mosman Park or Downtown Perth, you’ll find a caring and gentle dental team who will help you get the smile of your dreams. We invite you to take a look at our smile gallery to see some of our former work.