4 Tips to Protect Your Brilliant Smile

4 Tips to Protect Your Brilliant Smile

Having a healthy smile is a reflection of your overall health. When teeth are bright and white, we feel better and we smile more. Studies have shown that smiling is a physical act that excites the brain to produce more “feel good” chemicals like dopamine. Smiling, especially when you have bright white teeth, has also been shown to give you that edge in professional and social success.

If you want to keep your brilliant smile, you know there are many pitfalls that can dull your radiant smile.

Here are four tips for preserving your awesome smile.

Be Purposeful About Oral Care

If you set the deliberate intention to protect your teeth from unnecessary harm, this encourages purposeful daily activities such as brushing and flossing. Not only that, when you focus on the task at hand and not rush through the process, your teeth and gums will appreciate it. If you occasionally use a home teeth whitening kit or use quality whitening you’ll roll back any stains from the occasional coffee or curry.


Just like we’ve heard it’s important to watch what we eat, it’s also important to watch how we eat. Unless you live in a bland food world, it’s tough to avoid food with deep colours. We may suggest that you use a straw when drinking tea, coffee, or soft drinks. Also, make it a habit to rinse out your mouth with water after eating a meal or drinking dark coloured drinks. Rinsing is better than brushing in this instance because your teeth enamel is usually softer after eating and may be susceptible to erosion from brushing.

Mother Nature

Crunchy fruit and veggies are not only great for your health, they have a polishing effect that discourages plaque buildup. A stick of celery, dilutes and sweeps away bits of food that can cause stains.

Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening treatment is not a one time process. The majority of people who receive teeth whitening have repeated sessions to give their teeth a boost of brilliance to counteract any minor staining over the months.

There you have it – four quick and easy tips that will keep your smile bright and white!

Next time you’re looking at your teeth in the mirror and wishing they were more attractive, just remember that many of your neighbours and close friends have chosen Dr Vicky’s Smile Design Studio as their preferred cosmetic dentist. When you call our clinic for a personalised consultation, you’ll discover how we can transform your smile from dull to bright.


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