Too Old to Straighten Your Smile?

Too Old to Straighten Your Smile?

It’s a common misconception that as an adult you might be too old to straighten your smile. Yet many adults in the Perth, WA area shudder at the thought of unsightly and uncomfortable metal braces.

The good news is that Dr Vicky Ho and the team at Smile Design Studio are here to help. Old, painful and (admittedly) not very aesthetic braces of the past are out! Invisalign orthodontics are in.

Reach out to our friendly team today to find out more about how these nearly invisible orthodontics can comfortably straighten your teeth like an arrow.

Orthodontics, As An Adult?

Although the ideal time to straighten your teeth is during the developmental stages of your teeth, mouth and gums, that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve fantastic results as an adult. New technology has come a long way in the advancement of highly effective, affordable and virtually invisible orthodontics for adults of all ages. If you’ve been suffering with crooked or uneven teeth as an adult and think you’re too old to get help, think again!


Forget everything you thought you knew about braces and open up your mind to the idea of perfectly straight, aligned and beautiful teeth without the downsides of traditional orthodontics. Invisalign represents the latest and greatest in orthodontics for adults, offering a clear, comfortable and effective alternative to metal braces.

Utilising a progressive series of (virtually) invisible aligners, Invisalign works to gently and consistently apply pressure and pull teeth into the optimal position. Each set of removable aligners is custom-tailored to help you achieve the best possible results, taking into consideration your unique circumstances and conforming to fit your teeth like a glove.

Sceptical? Who wouldn’t be. Reach out today and find out exactly what movements you could expect your teeth to go through with ClinCheck®, a 3D treatment plan that visually demonstrates the movement of your teeth over time.

This innovative visualization enables you to see first-hand what the end result will look like. In other words, it’s a literal crystal ball into the potential future of your teeth.

Straightening Your Teeth Isn’t Just for Kids and Teens

Have you been suffering from misaligned teeth? Do you feel self-conscious smiling for the camera or when out in public? It’s time to get the help you deserve.

Call or message our team today and ask about Invisalign for adults, the discreet, safe and effective way to straighten your smile.